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Premium Retirement Apartments on Bayshore Blvd South Tampa

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Independent Choices

Canterbury Tower – Retirement Community Tampa FL

Stability, Integrity, Strong History, Quality, Acclaimed Services

You have probably been a wise planner your entire life. In determining a plan for your future retirement years, it is important to define the dominant values for your life. Canterbury Tower, a premier, boutique, continuing life care retirement community (CCRC) located in Tampa Florida, prides itself on its 35+ year history of stability and acclaimed services to the residents of Canterbury Tower.

Living at Canterbury Tower provides a gracious lifestyle, resplendent with a robust schedule of activities, guest speakers, excursions and cultural events. For those unforeseen circumstances of life, Canterbury Tower houses a highly acclaimed skilled nursing center. Stability is a reassuring value…for now…for the future.

Panoramic views of gorgeous Tampa Bay and the city skyline serve as the magnificent backdrop for this world-class retirement community continuum of comfort, convenience and long-term care. As a resident of Canterbury Tower on majestic Bayshore Boulevard – one of Tampa’s most distinguished addresses in South Tampa, FL – you’re able to experience all of this and more.

Luxury Tampa Florida Senior Independent Living at its Very Best

There’s certainly something to be said about the importance of one’s visual surroundings and the impact it has on your frame of mind on a daily basis. You would be hard-pressed to find a location for spending your retirement years that is any more agreeable or appealing than Canterbury Tower. This is luxury senior living in Tampa Florida at its very best.

A quick word with any of the residents calling Canterbury Tower home will uncover the fact that this is truly an exquisite retirement community with a 5-star skilled nursing center. This status is well-supported by numerous third party reviews of various organizations, including the 5-star rating generously bestowed by U.S. News & World Report Health in their 2015 BEST Nursing Homes report.

Whether you’re a long-time resident of the Tampa Bay area and wish to remain here through retirement or you’re from out of the area and relish the idea of moving to a prime location that’s not only beautiful, but also has great weather and extensive choices of activities, Canterbury Tower deserves your consideration. We cater to retirees who have worked hard, achieved much, and lived well and intend to continue doing so throughout retirement.

Private, Not-for-Profit Canterbury Tower offers you the best of everything. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of elegance with exclusive benefits, personal services, exquisite waterview dining, and amenities rivaling that of resorts. Our distinctive Life Care Program is yours when you need health assistance. The assurances are offered in either a Type A Traditional Declining Refund Contract or a Type C Traditional Declining Refund Contract.

Our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that offers the financial security of the life care benefit is focused on enrichment, health and well- being of each member of our community allowing you and your family’s peace-of-mind.